Biblical Archaeology Review

Biblical Archaeology Review is the flagship publication of the Biblical Archaeology Society. For more than 40 years it has been making the world of archaeology in the lands of the Bible come alive for the interested layperson. Full of vivid images and articles written by leading scholars, this is a must read for anyone interested in the archaeology of the ancient Near East.

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Bible Review

Bible Review opens the realm of Biblical scholarship to a non-academic audience. World-renown scholars detail the latest in Biblical interpretation and why it matters. These important pieces are paired with stunning art, which makes the text come to life before your eyes. Anyone interested in the Bible should read this seminal magazine.

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Archaeology Odyssey

Archaeology Odyssey takes the reader on a journey through the classical world as seen through the eyes of the top archaeologists in the discipline. Written with you in mind, the experts explain the latest in classical research in a way that is accessible to the general public. Read the complete series today!

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Ideal for university libraries, high schools, churches and synagogues and interested laypersons

  • Over 7,000 full text articles
  • Over 22,000 images with captions
  • Robust search engine, including images and Bible passages
  • Updated with the latest publications six times a year
  • A variety of print options available
  • The ability to view original pagination
  • Completely mobile friendly
  • Includes video lectures, special collections, and links to articles noted in BAR
  • Library support material available through multi-media
  • Integrated Bible passages, footnotes and abbreviation definitions are included for every article

New Encyclopedia of Archaeological Excavations in the Holy Land

The most comprehensive description ever produced of archaeological finds in the Holy Land in recent years, volume 5 updates the set published in 1993. Contributors read like a Who's Who of Biblical archaeology. The volume includes sites in both Israel and Jordan that relevant to both Testaments.

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The complete collaborative book series by the Biblical Archaeology Society and the Smithsonian Institution is contained within the library and is also fully searchable. These meaningful and clear works explore topics relating to archaeology and the Bible using a multi-perspective approach of significant theorists.

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While the BAS Library is completely searchable by topic, author, title and keyword, we have also puttogether a number of “Special Collections” that allow you to browse a selection of relevant articles on popular topics in one place. Take this opportunity to access excellent scholarship on specific topics, easily and quickly.

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World-renowned master teachers present lectures on the latest key issues in archaeology and the Bible, including “The Archaeology of Jewish Christianity” and “Isaiah in the Dead Sea Scrolls.” In addition, Hershel Shanks hosts a series of informal interviews with five prominent Dead Sea Scrolls scholars.

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