Archaeology Odyssey 2:2, May/June 1999

Field Notes

Archaeology Odyssey

Four-volume Corpus of Mosaics to be Published by the British Museum

Not until the fall of the Roman Empire in 476 A.D. did the Romans finally depart Britain, a land they first invaded in 55 B.C. Their remains still litter the landscape: Hadrian’s wall in the north, the elaborate palace at Fishbourne on the southern coast and hundreds of mosaics throughout the region.

Time may have faded these once lustrous mosaics, but thanks to archaeological illustrators David Neal (above) and Steve Cosh (below), they will never be forgotten. For over 50 years, Neal and Cosh have been traveling to archaeological sites in Britain and painting painstaking reproductions of mosaics. Now they have gathered their paintings, along with original excavation reports and old photographs, to produce a detailed catalogue of nearly all of Britain’s Roman mosaics. The first of four volumes is tentatively scheduled to be published by the British Museum Press in August 1999. Soon after, the paintings and all relevant excavation material will be housed in a British Museum archive.

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