Archaeology Odyssey, September/October 1999




Recovering 3,000-year-old cargo

By Cemal Pulak

In the summer of 1982, a novice sponge diver working the waters off the southern coast of Turkey reported to his captain that he had seen “metal biscuits with ears” on the sea floor. The captain knew immediately that these “biscuits” were actually ancient metal ingots, so...Read more ›


The world’s oldest book

By Dorit Symington

In 1986, two years into the excavation of the Uluburun shipwreck, the team from the Institute of Nautical Archaeology, led by George F. Bass and Cemal Pulak, made one of its most remarkable discoveries. While sifting through the sediment of a large pithos that...Read more ›

Architecture of Infinity

In their temples, the ancient Egyptians followed a simple plan that mirrored the creation of the universe.

By David O’Connor

Most first-time visitors to Egypt will tell you that many ancient Egyptian temples have survived. But they’re wrong. It only seems that way on a two or three week tour. Although temples were once very common in Egypt, evidence of them today is surprisingly...Read more ›