Archaeology Odyssey 2:4, September/October 1999

The Forum

Should archaeology go corporate? Reassessing the pyramid builders.And a brief debate on the uses of the past.

Archaeology Odyssey

Blame Big Brother, Too

Your article “The Great MFA Exposé,” AO 02:02, by Hershel Shanks, rings with an unfortunate truth: All too often, governments care nothing about archaeology.

I’m only a junior in high school, but I have read about sites being destroyed because of lack of government concern.

I whole-heartedly agree with selling artifacts, after they’ve been studied and cataloged, to finance scientific excavations. I felt the need to let you know that an aspiring archaeologist agrees with you.

Kaytee L. Hutson Silver Springs, Nevada

Archaeology Inc. I

Having read “The Great MFA Exposé,” AO 02:02, I feel compelled to put in my own two cents. The moral high ground taken by archaeologists on the issue of suspect antiquities is merely a facade for their own self-interest. They have dedicated their lives to studying antiquities and they’ll be darned if some rich fellow gets hold of what they feel is rightly “theirs.” Archaeologists seem to want the key to the antiquities storeroom and full ownership of everything inside.

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