Archaeology Odyssey 3:5, September/October 2000

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Our readers know a mashie (5 iron) and a spoon (3 wood) when they see them. But what about a niblick?

Archaeology Odyssey

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I am only 16, but I really enjoy Archaeology Odyssey, especially the articles on Egypt and Greece. You take me places I will probably never be able to visit, even though I desperately want (and am trying hard) to become an archaeologist.

Heidi R. Feist Sullivan, Illinois

Stop the Haggling!

I have watched the lengthy, acrimonious dispute over the Elgin Marbles (“Round and Round We Go,” AO 03:03) with growing dismay. The time has come to take the matter out of the political arena and return it to the realm of common sense.

At the very least, we should dispense with several misconceptions. First, a return of the statues to their country of origin would not create a horrendous legal precedent, as some authors claim. Laws are already being struck to recover antiquities removed from their countries of origin.

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