Archaeology Odyssey 5:1, January/February 2002

The Forum

Our readers get worked up over some ancient, and sexually explicit, paintings.

Archaeology Odyssey


Your publications are fresh, inspiring, entertaining and informed. I may not agree with everything I read, but each article is stimulating—with one glaring exception. “Eros in Egypt,” AO 04:05, by David O’Connor, made me angry, ill and disgusted. Why would a very interesting publication like yours stoop to such brutish pornography?

Never do I want another copy of Archaeology Odyssey to enter my home.

B.L. Hollon Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Worldly Miasma

If you want to slide into the worldly miasma, that is your business. I don’t need this kind of “scholarship” in my home. Please cancel my subscription.

Marilyn R. Jones Sebastopol, California


Re: “Eros in Egypt.” Why was it necessary to include such pictures (in the name of science) in this article? I do not wish to have reading material in my home not suitable for everyone.

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