Archaeology Odyssey 6:1, January/February 2003
Digs 2003

The Next Best Thing to Being There

Can’t tell a mattock head from a plumb bob? After a few weeks volunteering on a dig, you’ll be a lot cannier about the tools of the archaeology trade—and having fun, too. Archaeology Odyssey’s fourth annual digs list presents you with opportunities to uncover some of the secrets of the ancient past that lie not far beneath the surface of our modern world.

Plenty of safe and exciting destinations beckon; you can choose among Neolithic, Roman and early Christian sites on the British Isles; Paleolithic caves and a Roman fort and village in France; the Athenian agora or the Roman forum; the site of a ruined early Renaissance church on an island at the entrance to the Venetian lagoon; spectacular Nabatean and Moabite ruins in Jordan; and a prehistoric Maltese temple site. If getting on your hands and knees doesn’t suit, how about participating in a surface survey of a Mycenaean palace in Pylos, Greece?

An all-expenses-paid 10-day seminar and dig awaits two lucky people selected by archaeologist M’hamed Fantar of the Institut National du Patrimoine in Tunis, Tunisia, this summer. Third- year undergraduate students will attend archaeological conferences with other students from Tunisia, the Maghreb and the Mediterranean region, and explore Punic ruins in nearby Kerkouane.

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