Archaeology Odyssey 6:1, January/February 2003


Archaeology Odyssey

Dan L. Davis (“Sailing the Open Seas”) is a Ph.D. candidate in classical archaeology at the University of Texas at Austin, as well as Director of Operations for RPM Nautical Foundation, in Key West, Florida. As a dive master and staff archaeologist, he has participated in numerous shipwreck excavations.

The Robert and Katherine Ridell Assistant Professor of Bible and Archaeology at the Pacific School of Religion, in Berkeley, California, Aaron Brody (“Exploring the Deep”) is the author of “Each Man Cried Out to His God: The Specialized Religion of Canaanite and Phoenician Seafarers” (Harvard Semitic Monographs 58, 1998). Co-author Anna Marguerite McCann is a visiting scholar in the Program in Science, Technology and Society at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and adjunct professor of archaeology at Boston University. The author of numerous scholarly articles, McCann is currently the archaeology director of the Skerki Bank Deep Sea Project and the archaeological director for the Italian AUV project with the Department of Ocean Engineering, MIT.

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