Archaeology Odyssey 6:5, September/October 2003


Archaeology Odyssey

Francis Deblauwe (“Iraq Update,”) is an independent scholar who has excavated at numerous Near Eastern sites and the author of “Plundering the Past: The Rape of Iraq’s National Museum,” AO 06:04.

A professor of ancient history at the Sorbonne, in Paris, Frantz Grenet (“Old Samarkand: Nexus of the Ancient World”) founded the French-Uzbek Archaeological Mission (MAFOUZ), which conducts yearly excavations at Samarkand. He has lectured and published widely on the religions of the ancient Iranian world, particularly Zoroastrianism.

O. Louis Mazzatenta, whose photographs illustrate “‘Look on My Works!’ The Many Faces of Ramesses the Great,” is a freelance photographer whose work most frequently appears in National Geographic.

Timothy McNiven (“Male Fantasies”), and amateur potter with an interest in the history of American art pottery, is an associate professor of art history at Ohio State University and a consultant with the Toledo Museum of Art.

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