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Bible Review, Summer 1985


Special Section

New Directions In Dead Sea Scroll Research

I: The Text Behind the Text of the Hebrew Bible

By Frank Moore Cross

This is Part I of a two-part article; the second part will appear in the next issue of Bible Review. Part 2 will discuss the recovery of a missing passage in the Book of Samuel, as well as new developments in our...Read more ›


Images of God in Western Art

By Jane Daggett Dillenberger

The Bible contains many references to God’s human attributes. Not only does he get angry and threaten, he also cajoles and forgives. We learn that he has nostrils that “blast” (Exodus 5:8), an arm that “stretches” (Deuteronomy 5:15), a finger that...Read more ›

On the Road and on the Sea with St. Paul

Travelling conditions in the first century

By Jerome Murphy-O’Connor

In the Acts of the Apostles, we are told that Paul made three missionary journeys. In almost every introduction to the New Testament I have seen, the author discusses St. Paul’s journeys in terms of places and dates; his concern is to establish the location of the...Read more ›

But Did King David Invent Musical Instruments?

He composed Psalms and played the lyre…

By David Noel Freedman

While the dividing line between poetry and prose in the Hebrew Bible is imprecise, and the two types tend to blend into each other, especially in the prophetic writings, certain features that occur in both are more frequent and prominent in poetry than in prose...Read more ›