Bible Review 1:3, Fall 1985

Bible Quiz

Bible Review

Prepared by J. Kenneth Eakins, professor of archaeology and Old Testament, Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, Mill Valley, California.

Old Testament

1. Who was the only son of Jacob born in the Land of Promise?

2. What physical agent did Moses use to produce boils on the Egyptians and their magicians?

3. What Jewish man was saved from being hanged because of the insomnia of a king?

4. What fruit were nazirites forbidden to eat?

5. Who was the earliest prophet to predict the destruction of Jerusalem?

6. What prophet spoke about a heart “transplant”?

7. What Hebrew king had 15 years added to his life because of his prayer to God?

8. According to Ecclesiates, a living dog is better than what?

9. What is the shortest book in the Old Testament?

10. Where is the only place in the Old Testament where God is said to be like a tree?


1. Benjamin. The other 11 sons of Jacob were born while Jacob was serving Laban in northwest Mesopotamia. Benjamin, Jacob’s youngest son, was born on a journey to Hebron. His mother, Rachel, died in childbirth and was buried where Benjamin was born, near Bethlehem (Genesis 35:16–19). According to the Bible, Jacob set up a pillar at Rachel’s grave that can be seen “to this day” (Genesis 35:20). The traditional site of Rachel’s burial is now marked by a cenotaph housed in a building on the road north of Bethlehem.

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