Bible Review 10:1, February 1994

Readers Reply

Bible Review

Julia Child, Watch Out!

Two years ago I wrote asking if you could obtain a translation of the Babylonian clay tablets at Yale.

You cannot imagine how thrilled I was to find “The Oldest Cookbooks in the World,” BR 09:04, by William W. Hallo. It isn’t often that a person sees a vague hope come true! Thank you so much for publishing that interesting article. It will have a place of honor among my favorite cookbooks.

Lois Perry Corpus Christi, Texas

The Gleanings of Intellectuals

Please cancel my subscription to BR. I have only received two copies but am very disappointed.

It appears to me that most of your contributing writers are more intent on showing error in the Holy Scriptures than they are in interpreting them to exhort the Christian believer. I am not a Bible scholar, only a layman desiring to get closer to the Lord by knowing more of His word. I feel your articles are being produced by intellectuals, gleaning from their personal beliefs, rather than humble servants of God leading from their hearts.

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