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Bible Review, June 1994



Jacob’s Terrible Burden

In the shadow of the text

By Gordon Tucker

There is scarcely a more poignant human story of love and tragedy in the Bible—if not in all of literature—than that of the Patriarch Jacob and his beloved Rachel. Sent by his father Isaac to find a wife among the daughters of...Read more ›

Escape and Rescue—An Interview with Geza Vermes

An Oxford Don’s peregrinations

Despite the close historical links between Judaism and Christianity, few scholars cross the line to work in both Second Temple Judaism and early Christianity. One notable exception is Geza Vermes, professor emeritus of Jewish studies at Oxford University and director of the Forum for Qumran Research at...Read more ›

Why Not Idol Meat?

Is it what you eat or where you eat it?

By Ben Witherington III

That food and dining in the Greco-Roman world provide the background for understanding several difficult passages in Paul’s letters is not surprising. What is surprising is that these same food and dining customs indicate that the supposed rift between the Jerusalem Christians under James and...Read more ›

The Great Gulf Between Scholars and the Pew

By Michael D. Coogan

Three great intellectual revolutions of the 19th and early 20th centuries have profoundly shaped and transformed the way we think of ourselves and our world. The first is Marxism and its derivative, socialism. The dissolution of the Soviet Union and the changes in Eastern Europe may appear...Read more ›


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