Bible Review 10:3, June 1994

Readers Reply

Bible Review

Enough, Already!

Please, please, we have had enough. You have already proved that you are fair, evenhanded and not overly sensitive to criticism. Please don’t print any more letters from those whose sole intent is to express their disapproval of BR and to request that you cancel their subscription.

BR and Biblical Archaeology Review have opened up a new world of spiritual thought and experience for me, but, while Readers Reply is an important factor in this, the cancellation letters have been nothing but a real irritation. In contrast, the letters that comment on articals, books, trends or other relevant subjects are frequently the most interesting and thought-provoking part of BR, whether in agreement or intense disagreement.

Also, don’t print letters that have no real message. I won’t be hurt if you don’t print this one.

Like other letter writers, I feel I speak for the large majority of your readers.

William L. White Little Rock, Arkansas

Our Base Motives

I agree with those correspondents who suggest that you should not publish any letters whose writers ask you to cancel their subscriptions, not because the latter’s opinions are obnoxious, but because I suspect that your motive for publishing the letters is uncharitable: Putting them in print enables you to look down on the poor boobs with Olympian disdain.

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