Bible Review 10:3, June 1994

The Book of Numbers

When did it happen?

Bible Review

On which day of creation did God separate the light from the darkness?

The 1st day (Genesis 1:4–5)

In his speech on Mt. Sinai, God promises that his punishment will extend into which generations of people for their parents’ iniquities?

The 3rd and 4th generations (Exodus 20:5)

In which year of his reign did Solomon begin building the Temple?

The 4th year (1 Kings 6:1)

In which month after the Flood did Noah’s Ark rest on Mount Ararat?

The 7th month (Genesis 8:3–5)

On which day following his birth was John the Baptist circumcised?

The 8th day (Luke 1:59)

During which hour did Jesus die on the cross?

The 9th hour, or three o’clock, known as the hour of prayer (Mark 15:33–38)

In which year of Emperor Tiberius’s reign did the word of the Lord command John son of Zechariah to begin the practice of baptizing people as repentance for their sins?

The 15th year (Luke 3:1–3)

In which year after the Exodus did Aaron the priest die?

The 40th year (Numbers 33:38–39)
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