Bible Review 11:1, February 1995

Readers Reply

Bible Review

Introducing the Rules of the Game

Perhaps you should print a brief caveat at the front of each issue—something to the effect that BR uses a scholarly approach to issues in the attempt to discover truths, and readers should be aware that there is always the risk of reading something with which they may strongly disagree.

The statement should explain that this is the way all scholars work, regardless of discipline: that we have found exposure to a vigorous, healthy, critical evaluation by a wide variety of readers leads ultimately to new insights.

BR represents an enthusiastic, articulate group of writers/scholars trying to reach a broader public. But you have forgotten to introduce that broader public to the rules of scholarship, assuming that they are common knowledge.

While such an introductory statement might cause a few people not to subscribe, it seems to me that it would more accurately depict the magazine, clarifying naive expectations based solely on the name, Bible Review.

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