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Bible Review, April 1995



The Raising of Lazarus

By Robin M. Jensen

An intriguing image frequently appears on the walls of ancient Christian catacombs and on carved reliefs of early Christian tombs—a mummy-like creature emerging from a small booth. Nearby, a man holding a wand taps or points at the mummy. The scene is stunning, even slightly...Read more ›

Deconstructing the Book of Job

By David J.A. Clines

I propose to raise two seldom-asked questions about the Book of Job: Why is there a Book of Job? And what does it do to you when you read it; what is its effect on you as a reader? By asking why there is a Book of...Read more ›

Scorpion Ash Saves Woman’s Eyesight

By Pinchas Amitai

His curved tail tipped with a poisonous barb, the scorpion signals peril in Scripture as in life. The word for scorpion (akrab) appears nine times in the Old Testament and five times in Greek (scorpios) in the New Testament. It occurs dozens of times in the rabbinic writings of the...Read more ›

How Did Adam & Eve Make a Living?

By Eleanor Ferris BeachFrederic L. Pryor

Is it a coincidence? The opening chapters of Genesis depict situations that parallel modern anthropological theories about the transition from a gathering/hunting society to an agricultural/herding society. And conversely, recent economic studies may help us interpret Adam and Eve’s role in the Garden of Eden story. Earlier anthropological theory understood...Read more ›


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