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Bible Review, February 1996



Why Jesus Went Back to Galilee

By Jerome Murphy-O’Connor

Why did Jesus go back to preach in Galilee? The question may seem a silly one. After all, he was a native of Nazareth in Galilee, and it was natural that he should preach to his own people. The prophet Amos, however, came from...Read more ›

Giving Eve’s Daughters Their Due

By Jo Milgrom

Great Women of the Bible in Art and Literature by Dorothée Sölle, Joe H. Kirchberger and Herbert Haag (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 1994), 295 pp., $75.00 “Great! Women of the Bible in Art and Literature” is my emended...Read more ›

Deuteronomy’s Theological Revolution

By Moshe Weinfeld

King Josiah of Judah instituted a religious reform in 622 B.C.E. that scholars refer to simply as Josiah’s Reform. It might well be called the Deuteronomic Reform. Israelite religion would never be the same. As the Bible tells it, in the course of repairing the Temple, which...Read more ›


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