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Bible Review, June 1996



How Jesus Saw Himself

By N. T. Wright

The quest for the historical Jesus began as a protest against traditional Christian dogma. But when the supposedly “neutral” historians peered into the well, all they saw was a featureless Jesus. Even when these scholars decided that everybody else—John the Baptist, the evangelists, Paul, the Q peoplea...Read more ›

P—Understanding the Priestly Source

By Victor Hurowitz

Reading an introduction to biblical criticism, a beginning student might well think he or she is peering into a bowl of alphabet soup—or perhaps perusing a catalogue of foundations and corporations. Letters are all over the place, especially J, E, P, D, H and R. Occasionally there...Read more ›

Torah Before Sinai

The do’s and don’ts before the Ten Commandments

By Gary A. Anderson

The Law was given at Sinai. But what was the situation before Sinai? Was there no law then? Were the patriarchs free to do what they pleased, free from the constraints of law? More than 2,000 years ago, perhaps just as the ink used to write the...Read more ›


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