Bible Review 12:3, June 1996

Readers Reply

Bible Review

If BR Is Bad, BAR Must Be Worse

Thank God my subscription finally expired. It will no longer clutter up my mailbox. I found your sister magazine, Biblical Archaeology Review, to be a fairly intelligent and informative magazine. I subscribed to BR because I thought that a high level of intelligence and information would be found in that magazine also.

Boy, was I wrong. It didn’t take much more than a couple of articles to realize that BR is not about intelligence and information; it appears to be a forum to dispense ungodly, unbiblical and un-Christian propaganda.

In fact, the highlight of your glossy rag was the letters from those who were so offended by your garbage that they canceled their subscriptions.

Well, I didn’t cancel my subscription—I let it run out. In fact, I am so offended by BR’s garbage that when my subscription to BAR runs out, I may not renew it either. BR contains stories and disinformation on such a level that I must have been fooled as to BAR’s real agenda in promoting both magazines.

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