Bible Review 12:4, August 1996

Readers Reply

Bible Review

Taking Money Under False Pretenses

I just finished reading my first copy of BR. What a disappointment. Why would a bunch of atheists bother to publish a journal about the Bible? If you have no faith, why not turn your attention to some other pursuit rather than taking people’s money under false pretenses?

Please cancel my subscription.

Lawrence Vescera Newport Beach, California

Learning from Error

I cannot imagine life without BR. Though I am probably more conservative than many of those who write those nasty letters to the editor (which we all read first), I by no means desire to discontinue receiving your periodical. No other magazine piques my interest or intellect in quite the same way. In each issue, though there are numerous attacks against the faith I hold steadfastly, I inevitably find a few nuggets of truth that strengthen my own position. I teach my own students to listen to every side of an argument. Apply what is noteworthy. Learn from those who are mistaken or who teach in error. I’ve learned a lot from BR.

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