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Bible Review, October 1996


Special Section

Point/Counterpoint: Pros and Cons of the Contemporary English Version

CEV’s chief translator: we were faithful to the intention of the text

By Barclay M. Newman

Our intent in the CEV translation was a faithful rendering of the intent of the Greek text. Nothing more, nothing less. As with the inclusive gender language in the CEV, concerns over Jewish sensitivities were a by-product of our work, not our motivation. I am thoroughly convinced...Read more ›


Jesus as Pop Icon

The unknown religious art of Andy Warhol

By Jane Daggett Dillenberger

On April 1, 1987, over 2,000 denizens of the art, rock and film worlds, the international jet set, and a throng of anonymous New Yorkers climbed the steps of St. Patrick’s Cathedral to attend memorial services for Andy Warhol, the “Pope of Pop,” whose Campbell’s...Read more ›

The Eschatological Jesus

Did he believe the end was near?

By Dale C. Allison Jr.

Albert Schweitzer, after reviewing the 19th century’s quest for the historical Jesus, believed that honest scholars must choose between two alternatives, between what he called thoroughgoing eschatologya and thoroughgoing skepticism. By this he meant that either Jesus lived in the same imaginative world as early Jewish apocalypses,b...Read more ›


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