Bible Review 12:6, December 1996

Just Published

Harper Collins Bible Dictionary

Paul J. Achtemeier, general editor with the Society of Biblical Literature (New York: HarperCollins, 1996) 1,256 pp., $45

This revised edition contains more than 3,700 entries by 193 specialists, more than 600 photos (53 in color), 90 maps (18 in color) and outlines of each biblical book. The listings range from “Aaron” to “Zurishaddai” (father of the leader of the tribe of Simon) and contain numerous longer essays on such topics as “The Bible in Western Art,” “The Bible and Western Literature,” “Biblical Criticism,” “Expiation,” “Food” and “Texts, Versions, Manuscripts, Editions,” to name just a few.

The Fifth Gospel

John F.A. Sawyer (New York: Cambridge Univ. Press, 1996) 281 pp, $17.95 (paper)

So widespread is Isaiah’s influence on Christianity that it has been called “The Fifth Gospel.” Sawyer examines Bible commentaries, sermons, church pronouncements, music, art and literature to trace the prophet’s influence on the language and imagery of Christianity from its beginnings to contemporary liberation theology.


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