Bible Review 13:2, April 1997

Bible Books

Moses at the Mall

Genesis: A Living Conversation

Bill Moyers (New York: Doubleday, 1996) 361 pp., $29.95 Companion volume to the ten-episode public television series, which aired 10/16/96 to 12/15/96.

Bill Moyers has done it again. He has used TV—that vast intellectual wasteland—as a tool to make us think. His choice of text is impeccable—the book of Genesis, the first installment of the best-seller of all time. His choice of conversation partners includes prominent intellectuals, theologians and artists, all primed for lively conversation—reproduced with introductions in a handsome volume by Doubleday. The skeptic would warn that ten hours of talking heads on PBS is a potential disaster, a sleeping pill administered in ten doses. But millions loved it, including my in-laws. People talking passionately about the Bible, God and ethics on TV, with nary a televangelist in sight. Who’d have thought it possible? Surely this is a major contribution to public discourse on religion.

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