Bible Review 13:5, October 1997

Readers Reply

Bible Review

Intellectual Challenge

I am a recent subscriber to BR, and I find it interesting, stimulating and thought-provoking. I enjoy all of the articles, although I have to reread some of them.

I sometimes get the impression that they are written for college students rather than ordinary readers. I need a dictionary to understand some of the words.

Robert G. Rone Denver, Colorado

If It’s an Invention, Enjoy It Anyway

You are a brave man, Mr. Shanks. Thank you for “The Biblical Minimalists: Expunging Ancient Israel’s Past,” BR 13:03. It gives me a better understanding of the controversy.

If Israelite history is an invention, we should celebrate such a wonderful, fun, brilliant, heart-warming invention.

Charlene Gildon Dallas, Texas

Seven Items from One BR

While all issues of BR (and Biblical Archaeology Review) are interesting and useful, some are especially so. I placed seven items from the current BR in my file (books to be ordered for the library, info to supplement course lectures, etc.).

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