Bible Review 13:5, October 1997


Bible Review

Baruch J. Schwartz (“What Really Happened at Mount Sinai?”) teaches biblical studies at Hebrew University and the Center for Judaic Studies in Jerusalem. His book, The Holiness Legislation: Studies in the Priestly Code, is forthcoming from Magnes Press.

A graduate of Hebrew University, Moshe Weinfeld (“The Jewish Roots of Matthew’s Vitriol”) has taught Hebrew Bible at his alma mater since 1973. He wrote “Deuteronomy’s Theological Revolution,” BR 12:01, and is the author and translator of Deuteronomy 1–11 in the Anchor Bible commentary series.

Devoted to making ancient plants palatable to modern tastes, Devorah Emmet Wigoder (“A Biblical Spice Rack”) is the author of The Garden of Eden Cookbook: Recipes in the Biblical Tradition (Harper & Row, 1988). Although she is currently researching biblical plants in medieval and Renaissance art, she still finds time to lecture, garden and prepare lily-blossom omelets.

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