Bible Review 14:4, August 1998

Jots & Tittles

Bible Review

Best of the Best: BR Articles Honored

We are pleased to recognize two outstanding scholars for their contributions to BR. Thanks to the generous support of the Leopold and Clara M. Fellner Charitable Foundation, through its trustee Frederick L. Simmons, we are able to honor the best articles that have appeared in these pages during 1996 and 1997.

This year’s judges, Susan Ackerman of Dartmouth College and James D. Tabor of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, independently chose the same articles for first place and honorable mention. Ackerman and Tabor based their selections on clarity of the writing, the originality of the authors’ interpretation and the the articles’ potential for advancing debate in Bible scholarship.

First Prize: Jerome Murphy-O’Connor, “Why Jesus Went Back to Galilee,” BR 12:01

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