Bible Review 14:4, August 1998

Readers Reply

Bible Review

Your Print’s Too Small

I’m 76 and have just renewed my subscription to BR. But it was a tough decision. I do like the magazine. It’s an A-1 production, a real class act, but I find myself unwilling to struggle with the print size—a problem your younger readers probably don’t have.

Jean Kempen Houston, Texas

Balancing all the considerations regarding print size is difficult for us, too.—Ed.

A Collection of Old Writings?

In your April issue I see a lot of things that greatly disturb me, like the virgin birth of Jesus and His resurrection being questioned in an advertisement!

I subscribed to BR hoping that it would strengthen my faith through a better understanding of the Scriptures. It is very clear that you do not consider the Bible the inspired word of God.

In college I was a science major, which led me to appreciate the order and precision with which our universe was designed. For a creator of such power and intelligence, the virgin birth and resurrection of Jesus would be simple.

The Scriptures state that through Jesus Christ the world was made. It just stands to reason that He would have a plan of salvation for those who choose to love and serve Him.

Throw out the virgin birth and the resurrection, and the Bible becomes nothing but an empty shell, just another collection of old writings.

Please cancel my subscription.

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