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Bible Review, June 1999


Special Section

Supporting Roles

The Israelites

By Elie Wiesel

The Bible’s portrayal of the Chosen People preserves the good and the bad.Read more ›


Fishers of Fish, Fishers of Men

What we know of the first disciples from their profession

By Jerome Murphy-O’Connor

What sorts of men were Simon Peter, Andrew, James and John—crude, ignorant laborers or savvy and practical men of the world? The reliability of much of the Gospels rides on the answer.Read more ›

Geza The Jew

By Hershel Shanks

Cats can have nine lives, not people. But the case of Dead Sea Scroll specialist Geza Vermes will make you wonder. His remarkable life is now encapsulated in an autobiography, reviewed herein.Read more ›

The Fluid Bible

The blurry line between biblical and nonbiblical texts

By Sidnie White Crawford

We like to think of Holy Writ as unchanging, but the ancients didn’t. A study of the Dead Sea Scrolls reveals that texts could exist in different forms—even be consciously modified—without losing their sanctity.Read more ›

In Death as in Life

What the biblical portraits of Moses, Aaron and Miriam share

By Erica S. Brown

We expect to learn from the lives of great people, not from their deaths. But in the case of Miriam, Aaron and Moses, their deaths reflect their lives.Read more ›


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Reviewed by Susan AckermanAnthony J. SaldariniSidnie White Crawford