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Bible Review, August 1999



Did Eve Fall or Was She Pushed?

By Susan L. Greiner

The first woman has been blamed for a host of ills—from inspiring witches to being the very source of sin. Tracing the roots of Eve’s bad reputation leads not to Genesis (as many people assume) but to an obscure set of texts known as the pseudepigrapha.Read more ›

Searching for the Better Text

How errors crept into the Bible and what can be done to correct them

By Harvey Minkoff

Ancient versions of the Bible are far from error-free. Happily, a better understanding of the Dead Sea Scrolls and of how manuscripts evolved has helped resolve some of the vexing textual problems.Read more ›

The Lowdown on the Riffraff

Do these obscure figures preserve a memory of a historical Exodus?

By Robert R. Stieglitz

When the Israelites fled Egypt, they were accompanied by a slew of dubious characters—an odd detail that may lend credibility to the biblical account.Read more ›

Triumph over Temptation

The historical core behind the testing of Jesus

By Jerome Murphy-O’Connor

Three gospels tell of the devil testing Jesus in the wilderness, an incident so remarkable as to seem almost certainly unreal. But is it? Our author suggests a historical core to the tale, a substratum reflecting struggles Jesus faced in his lifetime.Read more ›



By Martin Abegg, Jr.Eugene UlrichPeter W. Flint