Bible Review 15:5, October 1999

Readers Reply

Bible Review

Not Bare Bones

Thanks for the article “Fishers of Fish, Fishers of Men,” BR 15:03, by Jerome Murphy-O’Connor. I appreciated his putting some “flesh and blood” on the three fishermen.

Duane M. Zwiers North St. Paul, Minnesota

No Demonstration Needed

In his review of Geza Vermes’s autobiography, Providential Accidents (“Geza the Jew,” BR 15:03), Hershel Shanks relates an experience of his own that possibly helps clarify a curious remark he made in an earlier issue. Shanks reports that a group of people once almost walked out of a lecture he gave when he suggested that “Jesus lived and died a Jew.” Perhaps this has made him more cautious on other occasions.

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