Bible Review 16:5, October 2000

Readers Reply

Bible Review

What Will You Say?

It’s humorous, really. I thought I was renewing my subscription to Biblical Archaeology Review, but I was really subscribing to BR. Having now read two issues of your accidentally ordered magazine, I’m left with a question. Just exactly why are you, anyway? Though the writers in Biblical Archaeology Review are not believers, they are at least doing scholarly excavations. BR writers, on the other hand, appear to be among those who disdain as uneducated Bible thumpers anyone who is unwilling to trash cherished beliefs because someone with letters after his name says to. You reject as mythical anything the Bible says unless it can be corroborated by external sources, yet you quibble over minor textual points in a game of one-upmanship. Perhaps your careers would be better spent analyzing something in which you had more confidence, like the Koran, or the I Ching or Santa Claus. As for me, when my time comes to stand before the Lord, at least I will be able to say, “I believed you.” What will you say?

Paul Steidl Monroe, Washington

Tearing Out His Hair—And Our Ads

Hear! Hear! A toast to Alan Ovimet [who objected to our ad inserts—Ed.] (Readers Reply, BR 16:03)!

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