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Bible Review, April 2001



Who Wrote the Gospel of Luke?

By Mikeal C. Parsons

The answer seems obvious: a man named Luke, of course. But do we really know this, and, if so, how? The gospel itself never reveals the author’s name. The title “The Gospel According to Luke”—printed in virtually every Christian Bible today—is late: We have no evidence that...Read more ›

Searching For Saul

What we really know about Israel’s first king

By Marsha White

A handful of Hebrew Bible scholars, in recent years, have attacked the historicity of the biblical account of King David’s reign (1 Samuel 16 through 1 Kings 2). There is no evidence outside the Bible, these scholars claim, for the existence...Read more ›

The Un-Moralized Bible

By Sara Lipton

Sometime around the year 1225, a Latin Bible with illustrated commentary was made for King Louis VIII of France.1 It is called the Bible moralisée, and it is a remarkable and disturbing work. This Bible is massive both in size and scope. Every one of its 246...Read more ›

The Bible Through a Poet’s Prism

Reading Emily Dickenson’s poems as Revelation continued

By Cliff Edwards

The Bible,” wrote American poet Emily Dickinson, “is an antique Volume…/ Written by faded Men / At the suggestion of Holy Spectres.” Condemning contemporary pastors for rendering the sacred texts lifeless, the poet urged that Scripture be sung in a manner relevant to everyday...Read more ›