Bible Review 18:5, October 2002

Readers Reply

Bible Review

Tilted Issue

Have I been overlooking something? It seemed to me that your June issue had several articles with a more theological slant than usual. If so, be prepared to take some hits. As for me, I loved it!

Glenn Wilhite Lake City, Florida

Judge It by the Cover

Just when I decide I will discontinue my subscription to BR, you once again produce an issue with outstanding artwork. The cover (above) showing the dome from Santa Maria della Pace in Rome, the ivory of Peter and Mark from the Victoria & Albert, and the Last Supper painted by Stanley Spencer—all in the June issue—are a delight for the eye, and food for reflection and contemplation. There is so much in art that speaks of the Christian faith, yet no other publication I get consistently uses art to enhance knowledge of the Bible and faith and to stimulate our thinking like BR.

Wil Bloy Madison, Wisconsin
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