Bible Review 18:6, December 2002

Jots & Tittles

Bible Review

Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck—and the Bible?

The Scriptorium, one of America’s most important collections of New Testament manuscripts and early printed Bibles, has been moved from Michigan to a Christian theme park near Disney World, in Florida—allowing more people to view the collection but causing some scholars to worry that it will be less accessible for academic research.

Research facilities at the new site were not completed when the Scriptorium opened in Florida in August and were not expected to be ready until well into 2003, BR has learned.

The collection was amassed by Robert Van Kampen, a Chicago businessman who made his fortune in the stock market. Van Kampen built a palatial home along the eastern shore of Lake Michigan, both as his residence and to house his collection. His original Scriptorium opened to the public in 1996.

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