Bible Review 19:5, October 2003

Readers Reply

Bible Review

Cut Letters

Consider omitting fundamentalist letters. We get the point. We don’t have to see fundamentalist fulminations in every publication of BR.

J.H. McKenna Irvine, California

Keep Letters

I am writing to tell you that I love BR. I find the articles to be insightful and thought provoking, and the scholarship beyond reproach. I also love the artwork that highlights and accentuates the topics discussed. However, I have to say that even if BR were just another journal with stuffy intellectual work and little art, I would still buy it simply because of the great delight I take each month in reading the letters to the editor. The reasons people find for raking you over the coals every other month and canceling their subscriptions bring considerable merriment to the otherwise boring routine of a pastor of a small rural congregation.

I will always be a subscriber to BR!

Rev. Steven W. Knape Hope Evangelical Lutheran Church Hamler, Ohio
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