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Bible Review, Summer 1986



From Moses to Jesus: Parallel Themes

By John Dominic Crossan

In an article in the February 1985 issue of Bible Review (“Different Ways of Looking at the Birth of Jesus,” BR 01:01), Kenneth Gros Louis discusses what he calls “narrative strategies in New Testament infancy narratives.” It seems to me that Gros Louis analyzes only minor tactics...Read more ›

Paper-Cuts—An Ancient Art Form Glorifies Biblical Texts

By Suzanne F. Singer

In the deft hands of Jerusalem artist Yehudit Shadur, simple sheets of paper are cut into intricate designs blending the poetic words and images of the Bible. A leading reviver of the traditional Jewish folk art of paper-cutting, Shadur combines a sensitive understanding of well-known biblical stories,...Read more ›

Should “The Book” Be Panned?

By Eldon Jay Epp

Thirty million copies sold. Published in 40 languages. A ten-million-dollar advertising budget, including prime-time television. All royalties going to a charitable foundation. The Living Bible, completed in 1971 and having appeared in numerous formats with such great success, has now made its grandest entrance of all under...Read more ›

A Major New Introduction to the Bible

Norman Gottwald’s sociological-literary perspective

By P. Kyle McCarter Jr.

Norman Gottwald is one of North America’s leading biblical scholars, and he has just published a comprehensive introduction to the Hebrew Bible that will soon make his name known to a very wide audience. It is titled The Hebrew BibleA Socio-Literary Introduction.1 Gottwald is associated with a...Read more ›

Mendenhall Disavows Paternity

Says he didn’t father Gottwald’s Marxist theory

By Bernhard W. Anderson

Israel emerged as a people just before the period of the Judges, at the end of what archaeologists call the Late Bronze Age (1550–1200 B.C.) and the beginning of Iron Age I (1200–1000 B.C.)—the time when the Israelite tribes settled in the land of Canaan. Scholars have...Read more ›