Bible Review 2:2, Summer 1986

Paper-Cuts—An Ancient Art Form Glorifies Biblical Texts

By Suzanne F. Singer

In the deft hands of Jerusalem artist Yehudit Shadur, simple sheets of paper are cut into intricate designs blending the poetic words and images of the Bible. A leading reviver of the traditional Jewish folk art of paper-cutting, Shadur combines a sensitive understanding of well-known biblical stories, an intimate knowledge of the plants and animals of the Land of Israel, and a formidable artistic talent.

“I try to create the illusion of depth and solid forms,” she says—“to combine two-dimensional decorative elements with symbols and shapes of monumental weight and significance, to create an atmosphere of grandeur and awe befitting the sacred texts. All this I try to do from a simple sheet of paper cut with a pencil-size, snap-off-blade knife.” Shadur’s seemingly fragile paper-cuts are a delightful combination of lace-like intricacy and bold, sweeping areas of negative or positive space.

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