Bible Review 20:4, August 2004

First Lady Jezebel

Despite her bad reputation, her marriage to King Ahab was actually a model partnership

By Mary Joan Winn Leith

Bible Review

Marriage and what the Bible has to say about it have been hot topics in the news lately. The Bible is full of marriages, certainly, but one should exercise caution in reading it as a source of guidance for modern partnerships, or as a source of wisdom about relations between spouses in the post-wedding “happily-ever-after.” If we compare two biblical couples in particular—Yahweh and Israel on the one hand, and Ahab and Jezebel (1 Kings 16–22; 2 Kings 9) on the other—we will find that just one of these is a good model for a happy, healthy, modern marriage. And it’s not the one you think.

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