Bible Review 20:5, October 2004

Amending Marriage

If we’re going to use the Bible as a model, why not go all the way?

By Ronald S. Hendel

Bible Review

Shakespeare observed that “many a good hanging prevents a bad marriage.” Since nowadays hanging is out of favor, some people are trying to prevent what they regard as bad marriages by a constitutional amendment. The recently proposed Federal Marriage Amendment defines marriage as “the union of a man and a woman.” By this definition, gay marriage would forever be prohibited. This proposed amendment is said to appeal to traditionalist Christians, who want the institution of marriage to be Bible-based. I have no particular objection to these people’s preferences, though I agree with the majority of the Senate, which has determined that this is no business of the federal government.

But if people want marriage to be defined in a biblical way, why stop with the matter of gender? Why not make marriage fully biblical? Let’s imagine what a full-bodied biblical marriage amendment would look like.

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