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Bible Review, December 2004



Before Mary: The Ancestresses of Jesus

This article is based on the writings of Jane Schaberg and appears here with her approval. The opening verses of the Gospel of Matthew trace the ancestry of Jesus back to the patriarch Abraham. Not surprisingly, Jesus’ genealogy is an illustrious one, including Jacob, Judah, David, Solomon...Read more ›

Thecla: The Apostle Who Defied Women’s Destiny

By David R. Cartlidge

Who was Thecla? Little known today, especially in Protestant churches, Thecla of Iconium enjoyed fame perhaps second only to Mary, mother of Jesus, in the early Christian era. Thecla’s anonymity is all the more remarkable because women were so prominent in the formation of the church. The...Read more ›

Zephaniah: Prophet of His Time—Not the End Time!

By Marvin A. Sweeney

The book of Zephaniah is easily overlooked and—I contend—misunderstood. It is only three chapters long, buried in a few pages of the so-called Minor (!) Prophets. many portions of the Prophets are read in the synagogue on Sabbath and festivals, but not Zephaniah. The book...Read more ›


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