Bible Review 21:2, Spring 2005

Readers Reply

Bible Review

Don’t Give Up

Every time I read a cancellation letter, I want to write you and say, keep up the good work. Not everyone is able to consider other viewpoints, but that, in fact, is what scholarship is all about!

The Rev. Pierre C. Davis Index, Washington

God Bless BR

I just want to say “wow” in response to the last couple Readers Reply sections! No one is forcing anyone to read this magazine. Praise God that we live in a country where different viewpoints (even on Scripture) are actually encouraged! Kudos to you for printing this heavy criticism as well as Mary Joan Winn Leith’s hotly contested article on Jezebel!

The real reason I’m writing is to tell you (and I wish I could do it personally) how much I appreciate and respect your magazine. I have gained numerous insights into and perspectives of Scripture through your magazine’s articles. I praise God for your faithfulness and calling, and ask God to continue blessing your ministry with words of wisdom.

Jonathan French Zanesville, Ohio

Pray for BR

The Bible plainly states, “The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom!” I believe that with all my heart, although I’m sure some of your people (editors, proofreaders, contributors, etc.) will get a great big laugh out of that statement.

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