Bible Review 21:3, Summer 2005

Readers Reply

Bible Review

Scream and Grow

There are times when reading BR that I find myself screaming at the top of my lungs (figuratively at least) that it is full of errors and is the worse thing I have ever read. Other times I find it to be the most enlightening thing I have read in a while. What makes your magazine great is I have the choice to decide what I agree with and what I disagree with. When I find something I disagree with, I try to think about it critically and become more practiced in the process of biblical scholarship.

If the Holy Spirit didn’t ever challenge our ideas, God would not be doing a good job of showing us the way to grow. Keep up the good work and keep printing articles I both agree with and find horribly annoying.

Matt Bronsil Cincinnati, Ohio

You Can’t Win

Letter writer Amy Sweet (Readers Reply, BR 21:02) recently canceled her subscription because another intemperate letter writer had criticized the work of columnist Mary Joan Winn Leith. So in effect she is agreeing with your writer and with your editorial policy but she is still canceling her subscription. This, I believe, is a new wrinkle in the cancel-my-subscription epic. You guys just can’t win, can you?

Christopher Glass Camden, Maine
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