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Bible Review, Fall 2005




Another Brother of Jesus

By Ben Witherington III

When Jesus preaches in his hometown synagogue, the locals are astounded. “Where did this man get all this? ... Is not this the carpenter, the son of Mary and the brother of James and Joses and Judas and Simon?” (Mark 6:3). Readers of BR...Read more ›

Taking the Biblical Text Apart

By Richard Elliott Friedman

For centuries, scholars from many backgrounds—religious and nonreligious, Christian and Jewish—have worked on discovering how the Bible came to be. Their task was not to prove whether the Bible’s words were divinely revealed to the authors. That is a question of faith, not scholarship. Rather, they were...Read more ›

The Fall and Rise of Simon Magus

How the Worst Man in Christendom Saved the Church

By David R. Cartlidge

Simon Magus is arguably the worst of the bad guys in the history of the church.1 One of the major sins, simony, the act of buying an ecclesiastical office, is named for this magician who clashed with the apostle Peter. It gets worse. In the early Christian...Read more ›

The Holy Bible: A Buyer’s Guide

By Leonard J. Greenspoon

Walk through the religion section of any major bookstore, and you’ll see an amazing array of Bibles. The broad selection of translations (also called versions)—and the seemingly endless ways in which they are packaged—is without historical precedent. But for many people, it is also bewildering, if not...Read more ›


Bible Books

The Messiah Myth: The Near Eastern Roots of Jesus and David

Reviewed by Stevan Davies