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Bible Review, Winter 2005



Mary, Simeon or Anna

Who First Recognized Jesus as Messiah?

By Ben Witherington III

Being first to hear doesn’t always mean being first to understand. In Luke’s birth narrative, Mary is the first to be told that Jesus will be the messiah. Luke adds that she “treasures the words” the angel Gabriel speaks to her. But Mary is also puzzled by the divine message;...Read more ›

Did Jesus Get Angry or Agonize?

A Text Critic Pursues the Original Jesus Story

By Bart D. Ehrman

Christianity is a religion of the book. From the outset, it has stressed specific texts as authoritative scripture. Yet not one of these original, authoritative texts exists today. We have only late copies, dating from the second century to the sixteenth. And these copies vary considerably. Indeed, the 5,700 manuscripts...Read more ›

What America Believes About the Bible

By Leonard J. Greenspoon

Late 20th century and (thus far) early 21st century Americans are surely the most prodded, probed and polled people in history. Pollsters contact, calculate and communicate Americans’ views on every topic imaginable (and some that, frankly, I couldn’t imagine), from political persuasions to sexual positions. Thus, it should come as...Read more ›

Song of Songs: Not Just a Dirty Book

By Richard S. Hess

Pornography! This is the label some scholars give to the Song of Songs. They dismiss the book as nothing more than a source of lewd entertainment for the ancient male power elite. These lusty men slipped the salacious Song into the canon of Scripture by claiming it was only an...Read more ›


Bible Books

In Search of Paul: How Jesus’s Apostle Opposed Rome’s Empire with God’s Kingdom

Reviewed by Daniel N. Schowalter