Bible Review 21:5, Winter 2005

Readers Reply

Bible Review

BR or BC?

When you get some real theologians on your staff then call me. For the time being, honesty would demand that your magazine be called BC for Bible Critic, like all the other unbelievers.

Joseph Rubbo Garden City, Michigan

Good for Your Health

As an academic I firmly believe that a little scholarly debate is healthy, and I look forward to the cross-section of articles and the blend of columns in BR. I find them thoughtful, and I appreciate that they sometimes provide fresh perspectives on a wide range of subjects. It does sadden me when I see letters from readers who vent their anger over some idea that is inconsistent with their firmly entrenched belief system, and then demand that you cancel their subscription immediately. Please do not take the angry letters personally.

Rev. Sarah Carpenter-Vascik Burlington, Vermont

Young Woman

In his very helpful article, “The Holy Bible: A Buyer&rs;s Guide” (BR 21:04), Leonard J. Greenspoon states that the Revised Standard Version (1952) “produced the first Old Testament text with ‘young woman’ rather than ‘virgin’ in Isaiah 7:14.”

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