Bible Review 3:1, Spring 1987

Bible Quiz

Bible Review

Test yourself about David

Prepared by Bill Ickes, Berlin, Pennsylvania.

1. Who were three prophets who communicated God’s will to David?

2. A score of David’s children are mentioned by name, but only one girl. What was her name?

3. Where was God at the second battle in the Valley of Rephaim?

4. Why did David weep on eight occasions recorded in the books of Samuel and Chronicles.?

5. Which experience of David’s life does Jesus cite?

6. Why was David angry at his nephews, Joab and Abishai, sons of Zeruiah?

7. What parable prompted David to pronounce judgment on himself?

8. How did David escape from Gath?

9. Several foreign kings aided David, including Nahash, king of the Ammonites. But what did Nahash’s ungrateful son do to David’s envoys who came to console him on the death of his father?

10. A woman’s vigil preceded the restoration of God’s aid to the famine-stricken land during the reign of David. What happened?

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