Bible Review 3:1, Spring 1987

Readers Reply

Bible Review

BR’s Equanimity in Maelstrom

Congratulations on your fine work—excellent articles and interesting features, topped by beautiful illustrations.

But most of all, my hat’s off to you for your equanimity. Accused of sacrilege, “un-Christian” attitudes, human opinions about “God’s Word,” allowing women to work on BR (shocking! Wait ’til I tell my wife, my colleague at the institute and the University of Delaware) and other sins—even your advertising policy (!)—you maintain calm and even a pleasant sense of humor. I’m sure you’ve earned the respect of many readers, as you’ve earned mine.

Christopher Largent Institute for Science and Religion Wilmington, Delaware

Bible Review Has a Special Place

I enjoy reading Bible Review very much. I have gained much insight from it that I don’t believe I could have found anywhere else.

I am no scholar, and I’ve come to enjoy a deeper study of the Bible late in life, so Bible Review has a special place in my study.

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