Bible Review 3:2, Summer 1987

Bible Quiz

Bible Review

Diversity Among the Gospels

Prepared by Charles W. Hedrick, Professor of Religious Studies, Southwest Missouri State University, Springfield, Missouri.

1. Which Gospels record the genealogy of Jesus?

2. When Jesus was baptized the Holy Spirit descended on him. Which gospel reports that the Holy Spirit descended as a dove in bodily form.?

3. Which Gospels describe Jesus’ temptations?

4. How old was Jesus when he began his public ministry?

5. Only one Gospel includes women in the genealogy of Jesus: Which one and who are the women?

6. The birth of John the Baptist is described by which evangelist?

7. Which Gospel reports the circumcision of Jesus? How old was Jesus when he was circumcised?

8. Jesus’ teachings beginning “Blessed are …” are called beatitudes. Can you complete this beatitude? “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall…… ” In which Gospel is this beatitude found?

9. When did Jesus celebrate the “Last Supper” with his disciples?

10. Name three places Jesus appeared after the resurrection.

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