Bible Review 3:2, Summer 1987

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Bible Review

Go for the Gold George

As if it needed to, Bible Review gave testimony to its own worth when it published George Howard’s “Was the Gospel of Matthew Originally Written In Hebrew?” BR 02:04. For those of us who have longed for a “Q” document, George’s findings in the Even Bohan are a clear signal that the door to discovery has been opened.

No matter what it costs in time and funding I feel that George Howard should be subsidized by all concerned parties and organizations in his hot pursuit of the Hebrew Matthew. Now, for the first time, biblical scholars have been given an opportunity with which to get around the Greek language exclusivity on the New Testament. Seeing that George has managed to do his detective work so well, it should be his commission to continue on seeking to lay eye and hand on the original Hebrew Matthew.

Too many times as an adult Sunday school teacher have I had to stand in front of a group of students who really have very little idea of what has been undertaken in the composition of the New Testament. Little do they realize that along with the Greek interpretation came early Church politics, editorializing and dissociaton between the early Church followers of the Baptist and the Nazarene; the schism between the early Church and the Gnostics. George Howard’s efforts, should they prove successful, will at last reveal to the world a clearer reporting, and enhanced understanding of the teachings of Jesus.

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